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Originally Posted by -={K-O-R-U-N}=- View Post
It's definitely not the same quality, it's much better and much faster, try it. You can go back to default settings if you don't like it

You have 16/32 GB.... so what's the matter?

The iPhone 4 has the same size and also the iPhone 4 Camera record videos the same size as this tweak. 3GS GB size = i4 GB size.

Also, if you don't like it, don't use it. It's not like I am forcing you to use it or charge you for it, and you can always turn back to default cam settings.
I have restored it to default when I first done it, not your tweak but the original one posted somewhere else.. It is neither faster nor better quality. This was already discussed in the modmyi forums. All this tweak does is enlarge the file size and stretch the picture. Nothing more and nothing less. Don't go saying that this is like the iphone 4 video because it's nothing like it (apart from size) even if this one is 1080p and the iphone 4 is 720p. I got one and I know, the sensor does not support 1080p video and it's all done via the codec. The limit is in the hardware not software so, like host said just because you get an sd file recorded at 320x240 and encode it to 1920x1080 does not make it HD, it just enlarges the file size but the picture quality remains the same (worst even). The camera on the 3gs does not support hd so no matter what this tweak do it won't change that. On the iphone 4 the colours are rich and vibrant, it records at a 10.000 bitrate with proper hd sensor. This one records at a higher bitrate as well and the picture is 1080p but because you are stretching the video the picture looks worse than if it was left default. Thanks for posting this but it's useless to me. No one is saying that you are forcing anyone to install this, you have posted a tweak in a forum and you are not listening to anyones comments but your own. Take this in and learn from it don't take it to heart. It's not about contradicting what you done it's just facts.
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