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Simlocks? Bitch please :P
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Originally Posted by ps32412 View Post
There is some hope that somebody can help me out. I did google it but didn't find a solution. I guess otherwise I have to uninstall and reinstall XBMC.

My guess is that it has something to do that I created additional profiles in XBMC with the hope I could password protect some section in the case I have young visitors who want use the ATV2G JB SPass 4.4.4 / nitoTV / I-Flms / Plex / navi-x / aTV Flash (black) 1.1.1 / Exposed / Overfl0w
(Later I found under System -> Settings the option to set passwords for XBMC. Is it possible to set a password protect also for ATV2G Menu items?)

Anyway my main problem is that under XBMC -> System -> Settings -> Addons -> GetAddons -> All-Add-on I get a empty list and same happens to all installed add ons

Would really aprichiate any tip
for ATV2 after you adding new repo you need to reboot device to see it's content otherwise you won't see shite...unless u already tried and it still doesnt work...

but for what you saying at the end you can't even see repos that you already installed so there's something fucked up there...i wud just quick restore with 4.4.4seasonpass and all shud be fine again.
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