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 [K] [Beta] Auxo 1.4.1-381+debug
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!<arch> debian-binary
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[K] [Beta] Auxo 1.4.1-381+debug

Compatible with iOS 5.1 - iOS 6.1

Welcome to the latest beta version of Auxo. This build is intended purely for testing purposes in order to gain feedback on bug fixes.

For the App Switcher, Auxo replaces the standard icon view with versatile app cards. Along with being able to preview each app, you can also swipe them down to remove. You can even remove more than one app by using multiple fingers! If you want to remove all your apps in one swoop, simply tap and hold on an app to bring up Auxo's custom switcher-prompt. Hit yes, and your switcher will feel as good as new!

The redesigned Playback page not only improves the audio controls, but gives you more information about what's currently playing as well. Just tap on the album art icon to pop up a full-size version of the artwork. You can also access a volume slider by swiping up within the switcher.

Lastly, the Toggles page gives you access to various system shortcuts, saving you from a trip to the Settings app! You'll find Auxo's toggles directly above the brightness slider. Simply swipe up and down to switch between the two rows of toggles. You can also tap and hold on any toggle to jump right into its dedicated Settings pane.

International users: Auxo supports over two dozen different languages!

Thanks, Auxo Beta Testers!


A bleeding edge, nightly beta of the popular app switcher, Auxo.

Note: You will need to install Flipswitch 1.0.1 from Ryan's repo.
Just add http:// in Cydia.

Recent Changelog:
v1.4.1-381+debug [BETA]
- Massive Improvements throught, improving speed, memory performance etc.
- Integrated with Flipswitch to provide a single toggle implementation.
- Implemented the base of a so called 'Slim Mode'
- Added the ability to swipe up to close
- Much much more

Version Cracked!

Had some use? if yes, please buy it.

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Please crack videopane ?��
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It cause the iphone to enter into safe mode.. I also installed flipswitch..
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