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Misc Guides that are NOT device specific OR are related to all devices in general.

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 Ipod Touch Iphone 4G 3G 3GS 2G Speed Hack Repository
Old 08-20-2010, 02:41 PM   #1
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Icon6 Ipod Touch Iphone 4G 3G 3GS 2G Speed Hack Repository


I'm new to this forum and decided to share these tips on speeding up your Itouch or Iphone. I spent hours trying to find these resources to compile it in a nice post. Mass rep for the original authors and sinfuliphone founder/mods.

You must have a jailbroken idevice for any of these mods to work.

Some basics you must master before attempting these mods to your idevice:
SSH to idevice
Install .deb files
Common Sense

1) Removing Shadows from Wallpaper - Makes springboard faster!
SSH to idevice
Navigate To: System / Library / Coreservices /
Rename or delete: (They are right at the very bottom)
Now reboot your iphone

2) Disable Spotlight Search - Increase indexing and search speed!

3) Disable Startup Daemons - Speed up system bootup!
Safe Daemons you can delete

4) Delete Unnecessary Language Packs - Free some ram!

5) CPU Overclock - Increase CPU clock speed and performance!

6) Repeat Memory Free - Automatically frees memory when levels are low!

7) Virtual Memory Supercharge - Never run out of memory again!


Not Speed Mods but still really cool!

1) Sync idevice to PC/MAC with wifi
First Download and install the software for your computer:
Then download the cracked app for your idevice via Cydia with this source(:

2) Free Texting from you idevice via internet

3) Turn your idevice into a wifi hot spot and send internet to another PC via USB(tethering)
If anybody knows more mods to speed up your idevice please share.

4) Infinite Springboard, Infinite Dock, Infinite Folders

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can i just say what is that >
becuase it looks like an app that moves those launch daemons somewhere eles:P
So wouldnt just getting that app b easier
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Obsessive iPhone Disorder
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kan sum1 direct mi a link 4 ssh help never done only use ifile buh i wana use lang pak
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Hey, Just a quick question? how can you speed up ifile. because mine is running dead slow
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Dude, One of the greatest posts out ! Awesome Man ! Cheers !
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Thanks a lot! my device had speed up a lot and no more crashes
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Well done!!
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