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 help on tesco/o2 mms settings 5.1.1
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help on tesco/o2 mms settings 5.1.1

now i`m unlocked again and using tesco sim could anyone help pointing me to software that fools tesco as they know its an iphone and dont allow MMS on payasyou go also many years back i read you had to tweak the apn settings which i could do with ease on 3.13 .bitesms and whats stock messages app have greyed out camera icon when texting .Was brought on Orange paygo over two years ago unlocked using snowbreeze and redsnow ipad baseband downgrade
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If you go to Settings > general > Messages and check you have MMS toggle switched on - and then you can download APN settings from Cydia which will allow you to add the correct Payasyougo APN settings for Tesco.

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