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 Transferring contacts from Android to iOS
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Transferring contacts from Android to iOS

I used to have a Samsung Galaxy grand prime device and now I have iPhone 8. But most of my important contacts are saved on Samsung device memory and now I want to transfer them to new iPhone.It is difficult to save one by one. Is there a way to get all the contact at once to my new iPhone?
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Easiest way is find an app called contacts backup on your android device

Save your contacts as a .csv or xml file (there will be a choice)

Then the app will let you email that file to yourself

Then on your iPhone open that email and click on the csv file (or install contacts backup app on iPhone and click import) and it should ask if you want to save/import the contacts from the file


Another way is to save the contacts to your sim and import from on new phone... but the email option saves your contacts and can be accessed anywhere by you in the future.
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You can also use contactssync
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another android contact software is called s a contacts which makes 1 single VCard email it to yourself and open that file in safari all contacts will be on your ios device you can find sacontacts here
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