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 For Sale Section Rules - Read Before Posting!
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For Sale Section Rules - Read Before Posting!


We cant be made responsible for fail or fraud actions .
We only offer a small platform for registered users ,where members can Buy/ Trade/ or sell their iDevices.


Be very careful when buying anything from people you don't know!

  • Try to meet up face to face !
  • Look at sellers profile !
  • How long have they been on the site !
  • How many posts have they made ?
  • In which sections ?
  • What sort of VIP status do they have ?
  • NEVER pay ANYONE through a money order, no matter how legit they sound.
  • Be sure to call the company you are paying through to see if they have a protection policy BEFORE paying .
  • DO NOT gift someone in Paypal, if you do, you are SCREWED.

  1. You "MUST" have 50 posts -OR- have RECEIVED 25 THANKS to sell an item in this forum.
  2. Must post a price of item that you're selling.
  3. Must have a picture of the item you're selling. Preferably with a picture of your username written on a piece of paper in the picture as well. This will help ensure that the item you're actually in possession of the item you're selling and not just posting a random picture that you found on Google.
  4. Lying about your For Sale item will get you Banned.

Failure to follow any of the above rules and your item will be removed. Continued incidents and you will be banned!

We dont support the buy, sell or trade of lost, found or stolen and so
no IMEI blocked iDevices either.
Suspicious threads will be permanently deleted , the poster recieves a warning , or a permanent Ban !

It might be useful to know who the scammers are here...along with this info.
IF you feel a Scammer is in our site or not fill out info below so other can be warned

  1. -Here: on Site Y or N
  2. -USER Name-
  3. -Real Name-
  4. -Email Addy-
  5. -Web Site-
  6. -Nature of Scam on you or not
  7. -Details describing for other to look out for

  • -IPHONESWAPZ (this is illegal, just don't do it)
  • -eBay(if you pay through Paypal, you should be fine.)
  • -Craigslist(look at any item(VERY carefully before buying)
  • (Africa is FULL of scammers)
  • Just post the names and paypal emails here,and they will be removed soon.


---------- EDIT ----------

SCAM SOMEONE your info will go here for all to see.


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