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 Having problems getting into DFU mode
Old 08-07-2012, 07:58 PM   #1
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Having problems getting into DFU mode

Hey guys i'm having serious problems on getting my phone into dfu mode whenever i do the power then power home then hold home button my phone usually turns on while in the process and if it doesn't my computer makes the beeping noice like when you plug your phone into your computer so it sounds like its going into dfu mode, but it doesn't do anything it just stays the same i've been trying for hours and is really annoying me so if anyone that can help i'd appreciate it a lot!
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keep trying bro
turn the phone off
hold power for 3 seconds
continue holding power and hold home button for 10 seconds (apple logo will dissapear after 7 seconds)
release power and keep holding home for 15 seconds

now the screen will remain black

use redsnow to help with the count if you still have problems

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Make sure you're holding the buttons tight, it could be your home button not pressed correctly. I can relate because of my clunky home button screen.

But make sure it's fully off and connected to the pc.

1) If can't turn off, you might want to hard reset (holding both power and home for few seconds) during the apple logo or anytime. it should reboot.

2) Let go of both button. Before the apple logo comes back on, hold power button for 3 seconds,

3) Then immediately hold the home button alongside the power button for 10 seconds

4) let go of the power button while holding onto power button.

5) If you hear the computer ding then it means you connected into dfu mode (check itunes to see if it says you are in recovery mode)
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Old 08-13-2012, 05:20 AM   #4
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All I do to get mine in DFU mode is hold the two buttons (home and power) until the screen flashes off. Then as soon as the screen flashes off (before the apple logo comes back on) I let go of the power and just hold the home and my computer recognizes my phone in DFU mode.

Hope you get it working!
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