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 ioss 6.1 updated carrier settings.
Old 02-03-2013, 07:38 AM   #1
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ioss 6.1 updated carrier settings.

Since updating to ios 6.1, my carrier settings have changed from EE 13.0 to EE 14.0 (I am on T-mobile UK, iphone 5)

This update has removed the 3G toggle and replaced it with an LTE toggle. Seeing as i dont have a 4G contract i wouldnt use LTE anyway. This now means i am forced to be on EE's 3G network even when mobile data is off. This not only reduces battery life, but reduces call quality.

I have read that restoring the iphone 5 will reset the carrier settings but ive tried this with no luck.

My question then is, is there anyway to downgrade my carrier settings? i have read that these updates are in the form of IPCC files, so am i right to assume that if somebody has EE 13.0 carrier settings then extracts the ipcc file from their ipone i would be able to overwrite my ipcc file with the older version?

Any info, thoughts and ideas would be much appreciated.

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Im sorry this isnt going to solve your problem but perhaps you could solve mine, I accidentally wrote over my IPCC EE file with a T-Mobile one and now imessage is not working could you perhaps upload your IPCC file so I can use it?

Thank you
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