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 'Restricted Network' Iphone 4 - Orange
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'Restricted Network' Iphone 4 - Orange


I have just bought a new orange sim card, and inserted into an iphone that I bought off ebay.

It is iOS 5.0.1 baseband 04.08.11.

It does not connect to the network, and when I go to the settings and turn automatic network selection to 'OFF' it shows me the various networks. When I click on the Orange network it says the network is restricted.

So I thought I may have been sold a blocked IMEI number phone, and I did an online check with It says that the IMEI number is not currently blocked.

Why won't it find the network? Any suggestions would help.

Cheers guys.
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Well i know that this happens if the sim card is blocked... had this a few times now.

If it is a prepaid sim and it is too old (maybe credit expired) it is not able to connect.
So it has to be a problem with your sim, not with the phone.
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