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Members are encouraged to REQUEST and POST App Store Apps with the following guidelines to ensure this forum remains neat and effective for all members.

REQUEST Guidelines

Note that requests are filled by fellow members, so the better your standing in this community, the greater likelihood that your request will be filled, and timely.

1. Search BEFORE you post a request, it is likely already posted.

2. Requesting Member should be ACTIVELYY involved in this community (See below).

3. Title MUST be formated as follows: [REQ] <AppName> < Version >

4. Body of Post MUST contain a brief App Description AND LINK from source.

5. Do NOT Bump your own thread.

6. Once your Request is filled, be honorable, THANK the Posting member and delete your request (See below).

7. Concerns with Posted Apps should be directed to OP (or Staff).

POST Guidelines

Posting Apps and filling requests is a great way to contribute to this community and gain recognition. There are many great examples here for you to model.

1. Post only items you have tested and confirmed work.

2. Title MUST be formated as follows: <AppName> <Version>

3. Include all relevant Description and Compatibility notes, as well as images when possible.

4. Do NOT post duplicate items, yours or another members (work together for best result).

5. Hosted links MUST comply with Forum Hosting Guidelines File Host Suggestions List - SiNfuL iPhone.

6. Filling a request? Avoid a bare link reply post, Post in proper section (not Requests section) for Everyone and benefit with THANKS. You may link your post in Requesting thread to alert requesting party.

7. Monitor your links for validity, encourage PM reports of issues, respond swiftly.

Failure to follow Request/Post Guidelines may result in thread deletion.

Deleting your filled request:

1. Simply delete your REQ post once a suitable upload has been posted. (At top of your Thread: Thread Tools > Delete), OR

2. Change [REQ] in Title to [Filled]. (Use Edit > Go Advanced), OR

3. Report thread as filled and request deletion. (Use [!] at lower left of your original post)

How you can be an Active and Contributing Member of this community:

1) If new, post a brief note about yourself in the New Member Introduction forum... what brought you here, your interets and hobbies.

2) Choose a couple of sub-forums where you can share your knowledge and experience by helping others or engage in topical discussions with other members.

3) Post interesting and relevant information in one of the News sub-forums or other appropriate sub-forum.

4) Report any post you see that seems out of place, contains advertising, or is inapprpriate.

5) Expressions of Thanks are appreciated, that's why there is a THANK button, avoid one word "thanks" posts.

If you have a question not covered by, or a comment to improve upon, these guidelines, please feel free to PM any staff member with details.

Over the coming weeks, all previously posted threads will be reviewed for compliance. If you see a request for compliance for one of your threads (in thread or PM), please action swiftly to avoid deletion... a couple of days should be enough time.

All new posts (as of this posting) will be reviewed and deleted if non-compliant and you may or may not get notice of deletion.

This is Your community, strengthen it and take pride in it!

Demand Your Right To Install Any Device-Supported iOS - AnyiOS

Include #AnyiOS in tweets to support this effort

If I helped, informed or amused, no need to THANK,
...............just help some one else

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