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 5S iTunes App Syncing
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5S iTunes App Syncing

Okay, I am a previous owner of the iphones since 3GS. I had 4, 4S, 5 and now, the 5S.

Since I have the 5S, what I noticed is, it is very slow on transferring !!apps!!! between my mac and the 5S. Like, I downloaded the new Pages app, and it took like 10 minutes to install it on the phone. And it happens with EVERY app. Google maps? 45 MB, took 2 minutes. it is ridiculous.

What my specs?

MBP 17' late 2011. The apps and my whole itunes library is stored on an SSD.(tried to trasnfer it and sync form HDD, same thing happens)

I am using the cable came with the 5S.

Mavericks here, and this is happening since I bought the phone.

Tried DFU restore.
Tried not restoring from backup and doing everything from scratch. Same happens.

Oh, and its probably not about the NAND flashes in the phone, as everything else is pretty fast, even if I download apps from wifi are faster than installing them via itunes...

Anyone would have any idea what to do? I dont like downloading big apps straight to my phone, as it needs twice the space to unpack it.

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Delete iTunes and re-install.

Log out of Apple ID on iPhone and sign in.

Restore and see if that fixes it and if it doesn't then you will need to get it replaced by Apple
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pages is a pretty big file so it takes a while to transfer
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