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 How to make a .zip file into a .ipsw ((on windows))
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How to make a .zip file into a .ipsw ((on windows))

Okay so after you download the update from many people get it as a zip file. we need to make it into a .ipsw to jailbreak the device how do we do this? easy.

Step 1: Got to control panel and look for folder options

Step 2: In folder options go to the view tab. Scroll down and look for "hide extensions from known files" uncheck it click apply

Step 3: Go to the zip file you downloaded and click rename. DONT OPEN THE ZIP FILE JUST CLICK RENAME

Step 4: Change '.zip' to '.ipsw' click enter and when the "are you sure you want to change this file' box pops out click yes

Step 5: voila you have an ipsw file to use to jail break your device
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Is this for Windows XP? Everytime I rename the file nothing happens. I can't get Itunes to take the whole folder. Any ideas?
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Jailbreak for what???
All your link does is rediect to spam sites, even yahoo has it cashed as a spam site!
As a new user i suggest you check your info first cus if i find ur redirection has anything attached apart from get ur ass kicked of here i will be coming after you myself.

Dont click the link guys, very strange these two names above me both pop up as registering the same time as though ones used to confirm what the other has said.
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