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 como cambiar nombre al tab de android lock
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como cambiar nombre al tab de android lock

como carbiar las letras el mensaje del tab del android lock
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Originally Posted by luisitoraven View Post
como carbiar las letras el mensaje del tab del android lock
First of all, I'm not sure what your are saying since I do not speak Spanish but I could guess that you "forget" your iphone password and you are using the android lock. Now your "iphone is disable" I presume.

Here's how to unlock it using ssh:
1. Create iPhone RAM disk.
2. Using Ram disk, you need to install the file: /dev/rdisk0s2 (say, /mnt) and delete the file /mnt/mobile/Library/Preferences/ This is the config file that tells springboard "passcode: on"
3. Put your phone into recovery mode and then boot the RAM disk using something like:
* (iPHUC Recovery) #: filecopytophone Bypass_Passcode.bin
* filecopytophone: 0
* (iPHUC Recovery) #: cmd setenv\ boot-args\ rd=md0\ -x\ -s\ pmd0=0x9340000.0xA00000
* (iPHUC Recovery) #: cmd saveenv
* (iPHUC Recovery) #: cmd bootx
3. Reboot the phone.

There you have it. For a personal reason, I won't explain it to you in detail. Sorry.
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