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 How to hack ios games
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How to hack ios games

[quote name='kamizoom' timestamp='1315425553' post='49436']
This guide IS NOT Mine but its really useful. all credit goes to legendary hacker HBK.
IDA Hacks are complicated but they pay out well. almost all the hacks that have stuff like god mode, infinite ammo etc are IDA hacks

you need:
pdf viewer (for the guide)
hex rays IDA pro 6 (piratebay comes in handy here hehe )
the executable file of the app.( the one with no file ending e.g doodlejump) stored on your computer.
a good hex editor. (i recommend hex workshop)
a brain
winscp (or mac equivalent)

here is the pdf: http://www.mediafire...i8cd23ueck2pb03

again PDF is HBK's

if you like, hit the thanks button
happy hacking
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Is there a possibility to give some tutorials on how to hack games. I'm a nincompoop when it comes to things like this. I don't want to purchase anything from imodgames
Nadis or whatever. I'd like to figure out out how to do it myself. So if you could give some tutorials I would greatly appreciate it.
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This seems pretty useful so far. When I have more time, I'll look into hacking this way. 8-)
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looks good, thanks for sharing bro!
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Thanks fro sharing
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